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Behaviour Profiling for Milton Keynes SMEs

Accurate and flexible personality &
behaviour profiling – from £100

Have you heard of C-Me Colour profiling?

Developed by The Wilsher Group, C-Me Colour Profiling uses the language of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue to make sense of very individual’s psychological make-up.

This is an accurate and flexible tool that’s easy to use and  invariably achieves tangible results.

C-Me Colour Profiling is easy to understand, quick to complete and more importantly straightforward to apply.  Successful teams are made up of people who

  • understand each other
  • recognise each other’s specific skills and natural strengths
  • respect different approaches
  • work to get the best out of themselves and each other

People find it easier to change their behaviour than their personality.

You could summarise the process as

  • Understand Yourself
  • Understand Others
  • Improve relationships by adapting

C-Me Profiling – getting the best from yourself and your team

  • a system that focuses less on our personality and more on our behaviour
  • an insightful and enjoyable way to analyse our preferred way of doing things
  • easy to understand
  • quick to complete
  • straightforward to apply

Successful teams are made up of people who understand each other – people who recognise each other’s specific skills and natural strengths, respect different approaches and work to get the best out of themselves and each other.

Enhanced recruitment, induction and retention – all at low cost

C-me profiles will inform and improve your recruitment, as well as enhance your staff development – all this at an astonishingly low cost.  Your interviewing will be more powerful and your recruitment decisions more reliable.  You’ll have a greater chance of taking on the right people from the start and inducting them in a way that fits with their behaviour patterns.

Your business performance will increase while your staff turnover reduces.  In the long run, C-Me Colour profiling will make a massive difference to your all-important client and supplier relationships.

C-Me Behaviour profiling for recruitment from £100

Take on our fixed-fee recruitment package and, depending on how many candidates you need to profile, you’ll pay as little as £100 per candidate.

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