Induction and Onboarding……Why bother?

Induction included with Fixed Fee Recruitment

Too often the right person is hired but just thrown into the deep end with little or no induction. Small businesses don’t have the time to babysit new starters by offering proper onboarding, they need self-starters who can hit the floor running.

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However, statistics show new starters are more likely to leave an organisation during the first few week or months of employment if they do not have an effective induction. It has a major impact on how new employees settle in.

It is more about getting them up to speed quickly. Providing the right information so they can run faster, quicker! The average cost of replacing a member of staff is £25,000 so investing in having this managed for you if you don’t have the time is worth doing.

Measuring the new starter against some objectives helps them feel more comfortable and successful in the role and lets you assess they can do what they said they could in the interview! We work with you to monitor the new starter from day one to passing their probation period. We even provide the paperwork to save you the time.

Talk to us about how we add this to the fixed fee recruitment model we offer. Often the objectives can be agreed from the job description and if you don’t have one then we can work with you to write it! Once we know your business we can prepare the induction on your behalf so you can concentrate on getting on with your business.

This is a unique practical hands-on support package to ensure your new hires really can deliver with the ongoing performance management being taken care of for you.

We don’t know anyone else that offers this service to clients and believe it is a real recruitment partnership.

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