HR Software from only £9 per month…..

It’s been a busy old month since I last blogged but I have exciting news for my clients as I can now offer HR software to simplify your business processes!

It took a fair bit of research to choose the right partner because making sure the system was simple to use whilst affordable for micro businesses as well SME’s was really important to me.

If you have nothing in place currently other than an excel spreadsheet I recommend starting slow and turning on functionality once the initial system has been embedded although it is so intuitive to use!

For businesses with 10 employees or less pricing starts from just £9 a month or £97 a year. Time savings should be seen for both you and your employees. Administering people management takes up your time as well as the time of employees finding the right forms to complete for holiday and sickness, checking how much time off they have left, whether anyone else is off etc etc..

As your business grows you can also switch on functionality like expenses. It offers all the following functionality plus more!

Centralised Records
One central location for all HR information with employee self-service to keep everything up to date.

Book Holidays 
Manage holiday booking and absence allowances with a simple online approval process.

Manage Sickness
Take control of sickness – every absence is logged, approved and analysed in your HR system.

Organise Documents
Keep all employee documents safe and publish policies & templates online.

Manage employee expense claims.  Employee completes a claim for managers to approve so no more hunting for forms to complete and stapling receipts……

Improve communication
Engage your employees – reward great performance, share company news and objectives.

Tasks & Reminders
Manage day to day employee tasks from the HR Dashboard with email reminders and onscreen notifications.

If you would like a demonstration or trial account set up free of charge for 14 days then get in touch!


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