Productivity and errrr……. procrastination……

According to research published in 2015 humans’ attention spans are shorter than goldfishes’……………’just keep swimming’ comes to my mind when I read this! Surely not?

We can concentrate for 8 seconds compared to Dorys’ 9 seconds……. (For those of you not familiar with Finding Nemo, Dory is a blue-tang fish who suffers from short-term memory loss!)

Productivity at work is suffering, which makes perfect sense with only 6% of UK office workers feel productive for the full working day according to Fleximize….

Procrastination costs one in five employees more than 2 hours a day, at all levels! Wow. How much is that costing? Four-fifths of employees estimate that they procrastinate for at least 30 minutes a day. A whopping 2.5 hours a week!

What are the biggest distractions? Have a guess……….

Yep! Social Media. Whatsapp and Facebook being named as the top two distractions.


How does your people strategy map to use of social media in the workplace? Interesting debate. Do you request employees to promote your business via Facebook? Do you have a company Facebook page? How does this sit with personal use? But more importantly, are you being consistent and how do you know?

Unless you want to be a clown fish why not take some time to find out, as Nemo says “Hold on, here we go! Next stop, knowledge!”

If you need any help just shout!

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